And that’s the word that I use whenever I get stressed… and 90% of the time it actually works because then I start thinking of Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys 2… so funny !

Anyhow, HI, cause I didn’t say that yet – I hope that you’re ready for the weekend cause tomorrow most of you have the last day at work ( not me obviously; I still have a super busy week, Sunday included!).

I’m also super happy to tell you that I’ll be going to London Fashion Week this February, so can’t wait !

And speaking of fashion, I have a brand new outfit post to share with you all today ! Scroll down for infos of what I’m wearing 😉

What  I wore:

  1. Fracomina coat

  2. Kendall + Kylie boots ( found at Cameleon )

  3. Mango sweater

  4. The bag I have it for awhile now and I must say that I don’t know the brand anymore

Chanel bag, that’s for sure.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out the blog today !

I’ll be back tomorrow with another outfit post hopefully 🙂



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