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Muzen Audio

Hello everyone,

And happy Saturday ! I hope you had a lovely week and that now you have the chance to relax a bit at home. Enjoy some quality time with friends, family or just by yourself.

Me, I always like to rewind to some good music. and ever since I moved back with my mom while my apartment is being fixed, I have noticed that she likes having the radio on all day. So you can imagine how excited she was when she first laid eyes on my new MUZEN AUDIO OTR portable retro wood FM radio bluetooth speaker ! - I have a special discount for you lovelies as well - WMOW15


Even my Willy was quite smitten by my new portable speaker. In this photo, the speaker has its super cute protective case-sweet kitty . How lovely is that ? This case can be bought separately, as well as other accessories.

But let's take it step by step while discovering the brand at first. MUZEN AUDIO is a brand based in the States that thrives on having amazing bluetooth speakers with a fantastic sound quality, a 10 hour playtime, FM radio/Bluetooth function, that are handmade out of Rosewood.

I mean from the start, I have noticed the great quality the brand gives to the customer. Just look at the pouch-box in which the speaker was delivered. I mean I didn't expect such a posh product, considering the price ( which in my opinion is very affordable, all things considered).

Hear how clear the sound is ? And let's not mention how lovely the design is. Of course my mom wanted it for her new home. It fits perfectly. MUZEN AUDIO has also other designs on their website and even though I first took this one for myself, I couldn't say no to mom. :)


If you're wondering about Custom charges for Belgium, these were of about 21.58€. To be honest, I expected to be more pricy, so I think that's still affordable, especially if you have the chance to buy the product when it's on sale. ;)

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little article xo


Disclaimer: article sponsored by MUZEN AUDIO


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