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Girls getaway weekend

Hi everyone,

How are you today ?

I just started my week well, with a good cardio so I can get back in shape after that nasty post-covid period. I'm taking my vitamins, eating healthy, doing sports and working a lot to keep my mind off things. Shortly, I'll probably be leaving for a nice vacay somewhere nice.

And speaking of going to nice places, the second weekend of this month (June), I went to Spa, a nice Ardennes region in Belgium ( more of a nature/ mountain side environment). It was a close friend of mine's birthday so we decided to leave Brussels behind and change the scenario. She brought along another girl, a friend of hers so we made it a girls weekend.

If you're like me, the type that prefers to have someone driving around, then I'll recommend AST Drivers. It's a private driver service that is available in Belgium and that has also airport transfer, wedding and special events, etc. It's quite luxurious and the ride itself was perfect, the driver being extremely nice and professional.

We chose Radisson Blu Balmoral Spa as our hotel. It's quite the lovely vintage vibe hotel, mixed with modern aspects. The only thing I would advise is taking your car if you're not the walking type, as the hotel is located at about 3km distance from the city center.

We had some slight problems with our room upon arrival, but the front desk was more than helpful, so we ended up by changing the room and so our stay continued nicely.

We had the junior suite, which features 2 separate rooms, a lovely terrace and separate toilet.

It was just perfect for the 3 of us and I slept quite good, the bed being super comfy.

The hotel also features an indoor pool, sauna, and hammam. The last two I didn't had the opportunity to test as my burned foot wasn't fully recovered.

We stood about one hour at the pool and it was very lovely. There are also these super comfy baldaquin chairs that you can enjoy.

The breakfast is very good! As the other Radisson Blu hotels I have visited in the past, food wise there was never an issue.

You have a variety of dishes to choose from and I'm sure that even the most pretentious person will find its yummy choice.

We did also have lunch at the hotel, but I think that, because of a post-covid situation, the choices remained limited, but always good.

You can also have something to eat downtown, which we did as the hotel's restaurant has constantly full for dinner.

We tried out two restaurants ( that we later on learned have the same owner). The first one, La Brasserie des Bobelines, is quite a fancy restaurant, with the afferent high prices. The food is very good though. We ended up by mistake, after crossing a forest on our way to the city center from the hotel. It was a crazy adventure which I was happy to take part of :)

The second restaurant we went to, Franc'OFF serves a wide range of dishes, the prices are still kind of stiff, but I think it's an occurring event in Spa, seing that the lifestyle is a bit more expensive than Brussels I would say. Either way, I was happy to find a restaurant that serves meat on a lava stone, that you can cook as you please. I already had this experience in Japan and ever since, I absolutely love to do it !

I would say it was a chill weekend. It felt good not to be working as much for once ( I still did though, as I always do), but definitely felt good changing a bit my routine and I can't wait to have a nice vacation soon, somewhere sunny and with beach involved. :)

Thank you all for checking out the blog and I can't wait to be back with more. :)



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