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The stars are falling

Hi everyone,

Hope your Wednesday is going great ! I am so happy to be back and to really exploit the new fall pieces to a max ! It’s all about layering and styling…things I absolutely adore.

First of all, I celebrated my pet bunny’s bday yesterday ! It was such a bash xo – Shoni is now 4 years old ! I so want him living forever or at least as long as I do 🙂

So, today’s look… totally related to the recent bday ahaha – I’m wearing this super cute dress from SheIn that I like so much ! You can always take 15% off any order above 49€ with my code: byruxandra

If you’re curious what else I’m wearing, you can always scroll down


What I wore:

  1. SheIn dress

  2. Valentino shoes

  3. Zara bag

I’m really happy on how this look turned out and the pictures and all… it’s kinda difficult to have cute pics considering I’m living in Belgium and now more then ever, there is a big lack of light during day time and I really want to share with you here the real photos that come out of my camera so you have the best idea of the pieces I’m wearing ( color wise and all…).

Hope you like this look too and I’ll be back soon with more !




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