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Hey guys,

So what did you do this Friday? I had a super busy day and decided to take the evening/night off. Went to my fave spot, here, next to home. I like to go out in clubs where I can feel free, where I can dance and drink, where no one is watching others how they’re dressed, etc. Bref, I like to go out to have fun, not to show my wealth lol.

Anyway, speaking of wealth, the outfit I have for you today is a totally affordable one. I’m wearing this cute sweater from Dressfo, alongside my cute ruffled skirt that I have for awhile now, my fab Jeffrey Campbell booties and…I’ll let you discover the rest below:

What I wore:

– Zara skirt

– Bag from Thailand

Thank you so much for checking out the blog, guys! Hope you’ll have a fab weekend and I’ll try to be back this evening with more 🙂 Kisses, R.


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