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Read between the lines

Hi guys,

I was just watching these days how long the process of investing Trump with authority is. Like it’s the only thing playing on CNN or BBC whenever I turn on the TV. I mean, why is it taking so long? Or maybe for me it seems long…I feel most of the Americans praying for something to happen. Lol. It wouldn’t be such a serious matter if, in some time, it wouldn’t affect us as well; me as well. The world is changing. First Brexit, now Trump… I don’t like it. Smells fishy…

Anyway, let’s just hope for the best and that, in 10 years, I’ll be still here delivering ootds and nice inspiration for you all 😚😚

Meanwhile, I have a new outfit post, of course. In this one I’m trying to add a more spring feelin to the awful cold outside by mixing this cute aztec print cardi. Hope you enjoy!

Really hope you like the look, sweeties! Will be back tomorrow with another one 🙂

Kisses, R.


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