Good morning everyone,

I hope you are having a beautiful blessed day and that you’ll be taking advantage of this weekend to its fullest. For me it’s definitely difficult to divide myself in between the blog and real life… especially that real life isn’t quite that good nowadays; I’m sick and outside it’s always raining

I honestly hope that I’ll be able to take more advantage of family time next week although I need to shoot and work again…

Anyway, I have a brand new outfit post to share with you, guys ! I’m wearing this super cute sequin& velvet dress from C&A that is so holiday appropriate. 😉

Full details of my outfit can be found here below :

What I wore:

  1. C&A dress

  2. VerySimple coat

  3. Versace heels

  4. Armani clutch

  5. Marc Jacobs earrings 

So how do you like the outfit ?

I’ll be back tomorrow with another inspirational look for the Holidays so stay tuned ! 🙂



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