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Like it or leave it

Hi guys,

How is your weekend? What are you up to? I’ve been working today and I think will be also working tomorrow on the pc though…but yeah, as per usz, it’s like work – work – work ! 

But I’m going to have some free afternoons next week, which is going to be so awesome 😇.

Ok, enough about that, let’s go into some fashionable stuff – like what I’m wearing in today’s outfit post ! This super cute dress from Marie&Frisco looks totally fab, and to put it right in that geometric vibe, I’ve added this awesome copper& plexiglass necklace from myLifebox. To make sure I stay cozy and warm, I chose to go with my VerySimple coat, that is, with no doubt, the perfect white coat for this season ! 

What I wore:

– H&M wedges 

– Bershka bag

Thank you so much for checking out the blog, guys! Wishing you all a fab evening xo R.

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