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God’s plan

Hi sweeties,

As you have noticed maybe, I took a couple of days off just to clear my head…and it was good! Definitely gonna do that more often. It’s important to spend more time with family, you never know when everything is going to end and I don’t want to look back and feel bad that I pursued more my career rather than taking advantage of spending time with my loved ones.

So today I’m back cheerful and delighted with the new outfit post ! YEY !

I have a pretty awesome combo that I just know you’ll love:

What I wore:

– Zara dresses on overlay 

– W.E. jacket

Don’t forget that with any CLUSE watch bought, you can get a free strap using my code: RUXANDRIOANA .

Thank you for visiting and be sure to be back tomorrow ! I’ll be here with a new OOTD post – promised 😉




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