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Fast car

Hello sweeties,

Hope you are having a super duper week! I’m very busy with shootings and new projects, so that’s that for me :). Nonetheless, I still like to come around the blog, share with you new outfits and hopefully you get inspired for your feature looks :D.

Today, I have a super chic look that I know you’ll totally love! I’m wearing this chic dress from Vesper247 that combines refinement with the navy trend (having some anchor details on the pocket buttons), with the new Kora 90’s design.

Firstly, here’s the video trailer of the look, as always: 

And the pics:

What I wore:

– Mango purse 

– Zara bandage sandals

Thank you so much for checking out today’s look, guys! Hope you like it and stay tuned for more awesome cute looks and more surprises (oups, I said too much 😀 )




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