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Don’t touch my Teddy !

Hi guys!

As usual, we blink and we find ourselves at the end of the (working) week. Before you know it, it’s going to be Easter, then the summer will start, then it’s Fall again, my bday, Chritsmas and the year has passed. It’s usually how I think it.. time flies and with it, us too ! It’s sad so that’s why we have to make each second count :).

And on that note, make each day count ! For today I have a cozy little outfit for you all… since the Teddy coat is so hip, I figured it will def be welcomed on ideas how to wear it.

Mine comes from Lookbook Store  and I bet you’ll love it. I styled it in a casual way, with flat booties  and everything. Oh, and I wished you could better see my Zaful sweater – it’s so cool ! Super cozy and the colors are just amazing ! 

What I wore:

– Mango pants

– Zara bag

Btw, many of the Lookbook Store products have also a “Buy on Amazon” button in case you like to purchase them like that :).

Hope you like the look, peeps!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a brand new OOTD ! 




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