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B x W

Hi guys,

The weekend is almost over and even if it’s Sunday I have a lot of work… been up for a couple of hours now and I already took care of some business. Early bird catches the worm, right? 🙂

Moreover, I’m happy to share with you a brand new outfit post that I’m sure you’ll adore ! 

This one is black& white “based”.  😉

What I wore:

– Marie& Frisco blouse

– Mango pants

– Asos socks

– Morgan de Toi shoes

– Whiting & Davis purse

– Zara jacket

I had these pants for a very long time now, but even if they’re a 36 size, they seem to be small now.. and I don’t understand why.. maybe I got a bit fat? 😦

Anyway, hope you like the look… I’ll be back soon with more xo



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