Good morning everyone,

How was your Easter holiday ? I actually didn’t celebrate it as I’m orthodox and our Easter is at the end of this week 🙂 . To be completely honest, I’ll be studying this week the last chapter of my management course… The 2nd of May is just around the corner and I’m super nervous of this exam. I want it to be over already lol !

Anyway, I’m back with a chic new outfit. I chose to go with something super simple to recreate and that fits the style of most of you.. Just scroll down to see what I’m wearing 🙂

What I wore:

  1. mbyM shirt 

  2. Kiabi pants

  3. Versace shoes

  4. Versace clutch

  5. Prada sunglasses

Hope you like the OOTD and do pass by again my blog for more fashionable news 🙂



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