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A better person every day

Hi guys,

Today’s post will feature indeed my usual ootd, but I wanted to talk a bit about my passions, what I like to do, what goals I have… I think that as a blogger, people try to look up to you and young people can be easily impressionable ( that I know and actually saw; and it’s even worse when those young people reach a certain fame at an young age; it really messes with their head). I try to keep a low profile, sure, I have a few friends and a few blogger friends as well. The trouble is that you never know who is your real friend. They all act good and everything, but are their intentions pure?

For me, less complicated is better… I like the simple stuff,an afternoon in the park or a walk in the city. Even if I have lots of collabs, I still love shopping or at least window shopping 🙂

Yesterday I spent some quality time in one of my favorite places in Brussels, Place Poelaert. Even though it’s been awhile, I still love reading and since I was there and had a cute outfit, I thought I should do my usual outfit shoot on the spot. Reading allows you to evolve and I surely believe in evolving, a personal goal to take every day and be a better person, make a difference !

When having too much to cary and being in a casual mood, I always take my Kipling bag. This is a new one, the design being called Bex. It’s spacious, with a water repellent finish and so handy with its shoulder straps. In my opinion, it’s a good way to keep your stuff safe from wondering eyes and hands if you know what I mean 😉

And of course, you have the signature monkey key chain to keep your keys safe ! 

Isn’t that cute?

Oh, and did I mention it has awesome partitioning inside? You have a pocket for everything 🙂

What was the last book you read? This is a novel called ” Casa Vesniciei” ( “The house that stood still “) by A.E. van Vogt; it’s very SF, quite exciting as it keeps the suspense increased throughout the whole story ! 🙂

And now, are you curious about what I am wearing?!

Of course you are ^^

What I wore:

– ChiChi London coat

– Zara leggings

– Bershka shirt

Because I have my coat on my shoulders, the bag obviously stays as a “hold-on” one… 🙂

I think casual and even sport looks are the ones the bag goes well with ! 

Really hope you liked my little article and that we’ll “see” each-other again tomorrow, same place , same time 😉




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