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New Year's at home

Hello everyone,

And how are you today ? Ready for Christmas I presume :). I can't wait to open my gifts on Saturday ! It's going to be so much fun xo

With the whole situation going on and most of the establishments closed, I bet most of you are spending the New Year's at home. Well, you don't have to be down, there's a lot you can do even at home. Maybe a cool home-spa party ? I have just the products for you !


I did a selection of my favorite home-spa products from Notino and after you opened a bottle of champagne, well, you'll most likely need the following:



Setting the mood with a fantastic candle from Woodwick, this time I chose a lavender scent to give you a relaxing feeling.



I found this fantastic make-up removal set, which I think is a must-have, regardless of the occasion. It's actually from the Notino brand itself.

The set contains:

- Microfiber cleansing cottons

- Microfiber makeup remover glove

- Microfiber cleansing towel

- Microfiber hair support band

I have the same set in grey ;)



This is an option, but I just had to include it in case you'd like to really go all the way into your spa moment.

The BIO SPA body oil scrub from Sea of Spa is such a fantastic product. It removes dead cells from your skin and gives it perfect softness, so this is a good way to prep your body for a nice massage.



Massage wise, I have two awesome products that are very interesting.

The body massage & toning tool from Notino is actually part of the Spa collection range.

To start, apply your favorite body oil to the skin. Then press down on the massage instrument and place it on the area you want to massage. Then release the pressure. This will create a vacuum, the bulb will hang on and you can start.


Also, massage wise, I chose to share with you the Kallos hand and foot massage cream. It provides the skin with the hydration it needs,

ensures regenerative effects and it also

fights against cracked skin, so it's quite perfect for this season :).



Obviously, you have so many choices when it comes to face treatments and masks, but I wanted to bring forward a mask that you can reuse.

The gel eye mask from Notino, is a mask to wear when you're sleeping actually, but I think that, with the relaxation feeling it gives, this mask would be lovely to wear when you're chilling after all the massages and treatments.. and just enjoy some extra eye hydration and anti-stress vibes.

Perfect way to step into the New Year, right ?

Thank you for stopping by the blog !

I wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year xo


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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