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Luxury cosmetics

Hi everyone !

Well, I really wanted to write this article last night, but it was fairly impossible... I have been having some pain in my right hand, most likely from using it too much, I saw that I'm staying a tad more on my devices ever since we had the lockdown... it's normal, we don't have anywhere to go and nothing to do actually, so we prefer working and being productive.

Since the Holidays are just around the corner, I wanted to do a little #wishlist with my favorite luxury cosmetics that I found on the Notino site :-) . They are also having some pretty awesome promotions at this time, so don't hesitate to check them out !


I chose one product from each of these ranges: perfumes, make-up, haircare, body and face products. I have had each and every one of these products, so they are tested and approved by yours truly :) . Even though these are luxury products, I still feel that the prices on most of them are very reasonable.


I'm going to start with the perfume section.

The Twilly d'Hermès is an amazing perfume and I still saved a little drop from mine. I really like the fact that they added a small piece of an actual Hermès scarf wrapped around the upper part of the bottle, so besides having a super cool perfume, you also have a little piece of the maison . It's a refined perfume and I'm a total addict of Hermès perfumes, this one being no exception from my list.


Make-up wise, I chose something classic, but with a twist ;-)

The Lancôme Hypnose mascara is one of my favorite mascaras EVER and it's never missing from my make-up drawer. Your lashes will look totally amazing and this mascara has a really strong hold. I just LOVE IT !

Well, imagine that, but in the Doll Eyes version of it. Besides the packaging, this particular mascara, available in 2 different shades, will make your lashes look so long and full, exactly like those of a doll :)


Moving on to body care, I chose the Moisture-Rich Body Lotion from Clarins that contains shea butter - this body lotion is mainly for dry skin, but it's such an amazing product to have even if you have normal skin... I have really dry skin ( probably because I don't hydrate myself enough throughout the day), so having found a great product like this feels like the holy grail for little old me. :)

I mainly love the Clarins brand and its determination to use plant ingredients that are more natural and really good for your skin.


For face care, I wanted at first to choose a day cream, but I have stumbled upon the gentle hydrating night cream from Elizabeth Arden and I said to myself: "this is a cream that deserves to be shared". It's so important to have a nice cleaning/hydrating ritual during the evening ( and also morning). These are the two key moments when our skin needs us the most !

This night cream is super hydrating and gives the skin the elasticity and softness it deserves. It's a must-have if you like taking care of yourself even during night time :)


And last, but not least, from the hair care department, I've picked the Resistance therapy mask that helps your hair rebuild itself.

As you all know, I'm a big fan of the Kérastase brand, and I have tried so many of their products, never have I been disappointed...this mask also follows my high demands when it comes to taking care of my dry hair ( it's hard keeping a healthy looking hair when you're not a natural blond/light hair colour person), so having products that will help you with the matter, is crucial !

I really hope you liked my little selection here and I'll be back very soon with a special article on .......... - I won't tell you just yet, so be sure to pass by the blog to know more ;)

Enjoy your day !! xo


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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