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It was a sunny day that day

Happy Monday, everyone !

I'm so not feeling my birthday tomorrow... I just feel that it's a normal working week and I still haven't decided if I should turn my phone off and enjoy a real free day or should I just work?

I can't see my friends, I can't see my family... well, except for a close contact, but it's like nothing.

Anyway, I would rather share with you this really cute outfit I wore one day about two weeks ago I think, when the sun was shinning and it was so warm and nice outside... I really loved that day ! Scroll down for outfit info :)










What I wore:

- Minus Fashion sweater and skirt

- Mango purse

I think that this is an outfit you can easily wear in Spring as well. The colour palette is so soft and nice on the eye ( as I like to say)... and I must add that the sweater is extremely comfy !

Funny story about the boots: I saw them at Cameleon before they closed the store ( during the 1st lockdown), and I didn't take them... of course, my mind was always on them... and then I saw them at an outlet in the Netherlands, but the price was way higher than at Cameleon..

So when the store reopened, I immediately bought them ! So happy ! This is one of my favorite pair of white boots ever xo

Thank you for checking out the blog and once again, enjoy your Monday !



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