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Holiday outfits inspiration

Hello everyone,

I hope your week has started well.

For me, this is the most busiest period of the year, so I'm actually looking forward to my vacation. In the meantime, I'm working all day, every day, but I wanted to stop by the blog a bit this morning since I haven't uploaded any outfits lately, so I really wanted to do that now.

With Christmas and NYE just around the corner, I imagine that you all want to shine shine shine !

And since I already have some fantastic holiday looks that I shot last month, well, I thought I'd share with you here as well.


Starting off with a beautiful outfit that derives from a business look actually. So if you're working in the office and wearing a business attire, then for the Xmas dinner with colleagues, you can easily mix & add to your usual outfit some glitter ;).

A velvet suit is always a good idea, so much so when you accessorise it with some shiny pieces like this headband and rhinestone purse.

I also would like to propose a mix in between this silver shirt and sequin skirt. A super chic look !

And if you"re a fan of sequins, then you'll love this blazer, mixed with a mesh blouse & satin skirt. I added a touch of red in my hair, just to have that 5% ;), a balanced percentage to any outfit.


If you like jumpsuits, then this is also a great choice. I don't think I've said this before, but all the items presented in this post come from C&A ; I used the samples to create some inspirational outfits for the holiday season, which I have also shared on my Instagram.


Oh, and how about a sequin dress in the colour of the moment - red ?!

I shot some of the looks at home and others at Hyatt Regency Amsterdam.

I hope I have inspired you for some holiday outfits xo

Will be back soon with more !



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