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It's Friday then

Hi everyone,

How is your Friday going ?

We, here in Belgium, are getting ready for lockdown no 3. I just can't seem to apprehend that over 1 year has passed since the first lockdown. It was such a long and eventful year ( and not to mention challenging ! ), and yet, nothing has been really solved, has it ?

I have only respect and sympathy for the people who lost their jobs, their businesses and those that are struggling to keep theirs afloat... if this virus didn't us, this whole situation will !

I beg of you, please stay positive because you are only hurting yourself in the process...

On a more happy note, I'm back with a beautiful outfit post ( one that it is long due), but today I find myself less busy and besides taking the afternoon off, I also want to update the blog a bit, come say 'hi', share with you this OOTD.. you know, like old times :)







I'm really loving the tweed vibe and I had this two piece tweed suit for awhile now and if you're looking for something very hype, L'Agence has some pretty cool items ;).

Also, as you probably know, I'm a huge Chanel fan and here, I'm wearing my newest addition to my shoe wardrobe (it's vintage actually), these super cute vintage booties from the brand and I guess that you already spotted my Chanel bag in previous posts.

I hope you like the look and I can't wait to be back with more posts ! :)



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