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Hotel Heritage Brugge

Hello everyone,

I hope your weekend has started well. To add to your weekend reading, I thought I'd share with you today all about my stay in the amazing Hotel Heritage Brugge - which is also part of Relais & Châteaux and you all know how much I like them ;).

My (very) short stay was not at all uneventful. Other than my usual content creation 'ritual', I also had the opportunity to really explore the hotel, meet the staff, try the food and even play chess !

It's one of those hotels that makes you feel like home.

The hotel is located in the heart of Brugge and it also disposes of a valet service. Electric charging is provided ( at a fee of course), but if you are coming via transport, that's possible as well, being conveniently situated near a bus station.

If you're looking to make your Brugge getaway a romantic and luxurious one, then I definitely recommend this hotel. It's also perfect for wedding anniversaries, or simply making your loved one a special gift. ;)

The hotel equally offers a health center with sauna, steam bath and fitness room. Sadly, I didn't had the opportunity to check these out, but I know they do offer these services to make your romantic stay one to remember.

The building itself is an art statement. A Neo Classical architectural beauty dated from 1869 which has been completely renovated and transformed into what we know today as Hotel Heritage, having 'just' 5 stars.

The rooms are cozy, very nicely decorated, in the hotel's royal/vintage style (that I adore), and have all the amenities you need.

And what better way to complete the whole luxurious stay than having tested the hotel's restaurant, Le Mystique ?

We had an exquisite dinner, curtesy of chef Raoul De Koning, put together with the finest Belgian ingredients.

The menu which you will find on the website, varies by season and you can be sure that your taste buds will be delighted with each dish and its accorded wine.

The setting is utterly regal and the staff is very attentive and professional. I have absolutely loved the experience. Obviously, it's not mandatory to be a hotel guest to book a table there, but it stays a fantastic extra if you are one. :)

Breakfast is also served in the same restaurant setting, so you can still manage to actually experience a glimpse of Le Mystique, but this time during the day.

Breakfast is also very good. Fine ingredients and also, champagne !

I felt like a member of the royal family when staying at this hotel and I'm absolutely sure you'll love it.

Thank you for passing by and if you have any questions, please, do email me.


Disclaimer: stay was provided by Hotel Heritage Brugge


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