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Pramana Natura Nusa Penida

Hi everyone,

Happy to be back with another recent discovery in the hospitality domain this time.

As you probably saw in my Bali article , I've had the opportunity to stay at a stunning hotel in Nusa Penida, a small island next to Bali island, that is still part of the Bali region administration.

The island is quite popular for manta snorkelling and scenic views.

Pramana Experience holds a number of hotels, villas and resorts in Bali region, but also in other parts of Indonesia and even Asia.


Pramana Natura Nusa Penida is definitely a hotel that you must go and stay at or at least visit if you're ever in Nusa Penida and looking to have that great luxury experience.


The hotel is located in the upper part of the island and grated, it is tricky to go there. We actually rented a scooter when we arrived on the island. Renting a car is most dangerous as the roads are super narrow. Or you can always book a taxi directly with the hotel, although it's quite costly with them, so I'd recommend talking with the locals.


Anyway, once you're there, you won't believe your eyes as the hotel is built on 3 levels and holds 2 suites and quite a few standard rooms (that still look fantastic), a pool area where you will find the restaurant of the hotel as well and then a bit "hidden in the maze", a spa. But I'll get into that soon.

Above you may have a look at one of the two suites in Pramana Natura Nusa Penida. A truly fantastic experience. The room is quite big, it features a comfy bed, a corner 'salon', an immense bathtub in a bathroom that I fell in love with. You have both shower and bathtub, so that's very handy. I absolutely love the bathroom design and actually Bali architecture & interior design in general. They are very talented when it comes to stone or wood carving . I only wished that I could have brought a stone bathtub with me back to Belgium. Buying one here was around 30k€... Anyway, the room was very well thought as you can admire the sky while talking your bath. I would say that the private swimming pool is the main attraction when choosing to take a suite room. And of course, you can order your floating breakfast that you can enjoy while gazing into the horizon... a treat !


Such a clichée, I know, but when in Rome... :)

  • the standard room is very cool as well. If the suite has a private pool, well, you have a better view when choosing to stay in a standard room. Spending a quiet afternoon on the lovely terrace bed while enjoying the breeze is spectacular !


We also had the opportunity to try the hotel Spa. Pramana Spa is located on a lower level of the hotel, close to the restaurant & pool area. It's a good way to unwind and take advantage of a relaxing Balinese massage. They're very popular and definitely worth it .

Making the most of your stay at the hotel is pure bliss. The infinity pool, the spa, the warmth of the sun while laying at the pool and the kindness of the present staff will make your stay at the hotel a perfect experience that you'll like to prolong.

We ate only at the hotel restaurant as the food was super good, so definitely recommend doing that. :)




Acropora Bar & Restaurant has the best views when you decide to take your dinner ( or lunch, or breakfast), but I would say dinner the most as there's something mesmerising about watching the sunset...

Well, I do hope you liked my article on this splendid hotel that now will be added to my Hotels around the World section. Should you like to be notified each time a blogpost goes live, don't hesitate to hit the subscribe button !

Until next time, I wish you all safe travels !



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