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Home Spring

Hello everyone,

Wow, it has definitely been awhile since I last passed by the blog as here, in the 'real world', things have been uber crazy. And just like that winter seems to be going away and very soon spring will officially start ( finally; we were getting really depressed from the daily rain and lack of sun).

As we move along towards a more sunny/ cheerful season, I think we can all agree that getting rid of all the clutter at home feels very refreshing, like a fresh start. It's what we do also back home in Romania, it's called spring cleaning, but I'm sure you've heard of it here as well :).

After the house looks spotless, what better way to celebrate than to make it smell good as well? That's why today I wanted to share with you a few home fragrances and devices found on the Notino website that will surely make you feel relaxed.

A house that looks nice and smells nice is the best, right ?



Let's start from the top with this little wonder:

The Dolomiti Air Portable White Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser from THD - a must have if you like aroma diffusers. Plus, you can find so many mini essential oils for it that you can always change the mood. But that's not all ! Thanks to its compact size, you can take the THD Dolomiti ultrasonic fragrance diffuser everywhere with you: in your car, in your hotel room during a business trip or even on vacation. It also has a discreet integrated light, which enhances both physical and psychological harmonisation.


Since we're on the ultrasonic aroma diffuser page, I thought I'd recommend you my personal favorite recharge for the device - the Baobab All Seasons White Rhino. Well, I actually like all the fragrances from Baobab Collection, but I chose this one as I feel it's very luxurious and takes you back to the African continent, somewhere in the savannah.

What can I say ? I like traveling :)


If you prefer not having a device and still having a cool home fragrance at a reasonable price, then the Botanica Island Rose & African Geranium home reed diffuser from Air Wick is the one for you. It's a rather fresh scent, with a fruity and floral fragrance, a pleasant way to perfume your interior. ;)

Naturally, you have a vast choice of aroma diffusers, fragrances, scented candles that you can find at Notino. I suggest you have a look and pick whatever you like best :)

Thank you for stopping by the blog !

I wish you all a fantastic week ahead xo



Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino

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