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For a better skin

Hi guys,

How are you ? I hope you are having a wonderful weekend ! I have some work to do today, but I most certainly took into consideration stopping by the blog and check on you as it has been awhile. But hey, now that I'm here I'm planning to be more present after this holiday break :)

Anyway, because my latest Instagram IGTV video was so popular, I thought a more thorough explanation would be in order to better describe my face care routine for now. I think it's so important to take some time and take care of your skin, especially after having a heavy make-up on.



As you saw in my video, the first step of my routine was to remove my make-up. I have been using the Sisley White Lily cleansing milk for awhile now. It's very effective and because I personally am not a fan of cleansing oil, well, cleansing milk is the choice for me ! :) I feel it leaves the skin super soft afterwards.

I believe that Sisley has really great products and I'm actually looking forward on trying out their face creams as well.


The second step was cleaning my face with the mud to foam cleanser from Glamglow, but since I didn't find the exact same one at Notino, I would recommend the gentle bubble cleanser which is very similar to my product ( that I also found at Notino). Even better, this cleanser is without soap components and it is fragrance free.

I feel that all the Glamglow products are so good ! I never had any disappointment from this brand :).


And also from Glamglow, I used the supermud clearing treatment to really cleanse my skin in depth as a part of the third step.

I have been continually using this mask for years now and it's absolutely amazing ! It's quite the popular product from this brand and it will also remain one of my personal favorites.

And last, but not least - a hydrating mask is mandatory as a part of the 4th step, wouldn't you agree? :)


I have received these sheet masks from the AQUA collection, signed Biotherm, that I have been wanting to use for so long, so I thought to myself - why not use them live in the video ?

I wasn't disappointed at all with the result and I actually didn't even need to add a face cream afterwards, my skin being more than hydrated. The masks are somehow new ( I think I got them last summer if I'm not mistaken), but I didn't had the chance to try them until now.

- definitely recommend!-

So this was my little routine of face care... I hope you like it and I hope you'll give it a try. The products are all available at Notino :)

Thank you for stopping by the blog and I wish you an amazing week !


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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