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Hi guys !

How are you this Monday ? I feel like I've blinked and it was Monday all over again !

Now I'm focused on really getting back to business and dedicating myself 100% to work. I'm still a tad ill from the disease, but I'm recovering well and I'm focusing to be at my best until the end of the week.

I saw the same level of work dedication and passion at Tina Søgaard, founder and owner of Ecooking, a Danish luxury brand of skincare that happens to be very rich in organic and natural ingredients, but keeping the price range quite affordable.


I took the liberty in choosing some products from their range and turning them into what I would call a daily skincare routine :) I found all these products at Notino actually, they are now having this brand on display.


Step 1 - Cleaning

To commence my daily routine, I would clean my face really good and once per week, I would apply this peeling mask which is also fragrance free so it's perfect for sensitive skin. It's perfect for removing all the dead cells, releasing the impurities present in the pores and closing the pores. It's also good for deep cleaning the skin.


Step 2 - Hydrating

After a good skin cleaning, it's time to give the skin its proper hydration and here I'd have 3 products that I'd like to mention and let's start with the Multi Oil, that is actually a multi purpose product, great for several necessities. You can use it for your face, your body, but also your hair !

It supposed to absorb quickly into your skin ( or hair) and leave it smooth, hydrated and fresh :).

Depending on your skin type, you can use it as it is, or you can use it as a base for your cream. I have a really dry skin so I would definitely go for a cream afterwards.


So depending of the moment, you can use the night cream or the day cream from Ecooking. They have both ! :)

Let's start with the night cream.

As you can imagine, it's made from organic and natural ingredients, it's also hypoallergenic, it's an anti-age product that fights against wrinkles, but also protects the skin against exterior agression factors.


If you're doing this ritual in the morning, then you can definitely opt out for the day cream. This cream would restore firmness to the skin which leaves the skin tight. It

reduces wrinkles and prevent their appearance. It also

intensely hydrates,

restoring the appearance of young skin

And of course, it's dermatologically tested.


I didn't forget about the eye area! How could I ? For me, it's the biggest problem..

So here you have the Ecooking Eco eye contour care that acts on the skin around the eyes, nourishing and moisturising it. It can be applied both in the evening and morning ( for optimal care, I'd suggest both moments).

The eye contour smoothes fine lines and wrinkles,

removes bags and dark circles under the eyes. It also

refreshes and softens the eye area.


And still in the hydrating part, I'd like to give a special care to my lips as well, especially during the cold winter or super dry summer.. we don't always realise the damage high or low temperatures do to our skin, so it's better to take care of ourselves and prevent it.

The Lip Balm from Ecooking is 100% made from natural ingredients and contains almond and argan oil that deeply hydrates and nourishes,

leaving the lips soft and silky. It also

repairs chapped lips ( that I always have during winter or dry summer).

The product can be applied in any moment of the day and its cute compact design easily allows you to carry it in your bag as well.

I hope you appreciated the article and I hope you'll give this brand a try !

I will be back with more lovely beauty insights soon xo


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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