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Bringing sexy back

Hi guys ! How are you ?

OMG, where did 5 days passed?! I can't believe it's been that much since I haven't updated the blog... I feel that I'm getting more and more swamped with work and I remember the time when I used to write even 2 posts per day and now it's just impossible to have 1 every 2-3 days even...

Luckily today I'll be focusing more on everything blog related and I'm happy to bring you a very lovely outfit that I put together (maybe?) more than 10 days ago and it's quite the simple outfit really, but very daring ;)


I actually took my tweed jacket to make the look seem more "good girl" rather than letting it look all the way sexy. I do miss going out in a club... I admit it...








The dress comes from SheIn and I have paired it with my Pinko tweed jacket that I have since forever and my Balmain open-toe heels that I ADORE ! I actually bought them on a vintage site and I was super happy to add them to this mix. Also, the design of the dress is really lovely and it compliments your waist :)

I hope you like it as well and I will try to be back with more very soon xo


#streetstyle #look #outfitoftheday #fridaylook

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