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Blair Waldorf inspired outfit

Yup, Queen B's style never dies and I do re-watch the series from time to time, even though I must know all the dialogues by now :) .

Hello everyone,

How are you this Friday ?

The weather is on full autumn mode here in Brussels and I crave for the sunny days that we had just about a few days ago. I have a pretty look to share with you today, but something that it's still in Indian summer mode :-). I do hope you will like it ! Funny thing, I was actually still watching Gossip Girl at the time and without realising it, I let Blair's style influence my outfit that day. A lot of people noticed it when posting the look on Instagram and I was like " yeah, they're right, it does look like something Blair would wear !".

Anyhow, I really like how it came out and I'm sure you'll do too. It's very Chanel as well. ;-)









What I wore:

- SheIn top

So, this is the look for today, I hope you like it and I hope you will be back tomorrow for a brand new OOTD :) I still have some left that I didn't had the chance to share with you peeps xo



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