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Aromatherapy at home

Hi everyone,

How are you this wonderful weekend ?

I woke up so good this morning that I even made a little bit of time to pass by the blog again and share with you what I do to put myself in such a good mood. :)

Of course, having a few extra hours to spare each day is a must ! In this time, you can maybe work out, do some yoga, meditate... do everything you can for your wellbeing. It's super important to just start the day in a good energy or just to end it very relaxed and ready for bed.

And because I know that generating an in-the-mood background to accompany these exercises is so important, I wanted to share with you my go-to home aromatherapy tips to create a nice space where you can mediate, exercise and just feel good !


You can consider this a home-kit for the best aromatherapy session you ever had !

I'm an absolute fan of Ashleigh & Burwood London. They literally have the best essential oils, candles, perfume diffusers, etc. I discovered this brand at Notino ( they have a lot of great brands of all sorts and it's always a pleasure scrolling through their site ).

But for now, let's discover more about the items that I have chosen to share with you.


The ceramic aromatherapy lamp is a must have, of course. This one is pretty simple to use and it's also so elegant that it would fit basically any interior design ( yes, you know I love #interiordecoration) .

The Ashleigh & Burwood London Black and Gold aromatherapy lamp only needs a few minutes to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. It brightens up your interior and allows you to change the atmosphere according to your mood by choosing different scents.

And now for the scents :

And of course that Ashleigh & Burwood London has AMAZING essential oils to fuel that ceramic aromatherapy lamp. How else would you enjoy so many different scents that make you voyage from Asia to Africa and the Middle East ? To be honest, I have also a perfume diffuser that I use and that's so cool as well ( found also at Notino).


If you're more the Incense sticks type of person, you can find a variety of scents at Notino, also from Ashleigh & Burwood London. They're also so fantastic and super easy to use, just perfect for perfuming your interior and creating a pleasant atmosphere. The incense sticks still have anti-stress effects, soothing the mind and mental state, and play an important disinfectant role.

Thus, they're also perfect for meditating or just creating a general state of GOOD :).

I hope you like my little selection here and I hope to be back with more wonderful articles such as this one !

Thank you for stopping by the blog and have an amazing weekend, everyone !


Disclaimer: sponsored by Notino


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