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A lot of time has passed

And a lot of things have happened.

In my struggle of dividing myself in between work and my private life ( that is barely unexisting btw), time has passed and instead of dedicating more time to the creating process I find myself consuming so much energy for nonsense administration endeavours ( a 'Belgian brand'), and health issues that I seem to have quite a lot at this moment.

So time has passed and here we are, less active on the blog sadly..

But hey, let's share a cute outfit to brighten the day

It's actually a mix of two different outfits, but always with the same dress in focus:




Even if the dress looks different in colour, I promise you, it's the same dress. It comes from Signe Nature ( received as a gift) and it's so beautiful and easily styled.

I was also invited to their event where they've unveiled their new FW22-23 collection, as well as their rebranding.

I hope I'll be able to talk again soon about my latest events, as well as share some cool outfit posts with you xo



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