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Zarautz Surf Village

Hi sweeties,

I’ve been working a little bit every day to finally do my review on the Zarautz Surf Village. Sometimes it’s not very easy finding the time to work while you’re traveling, but I’m happy I have the chance to publish this now before all the information is forgotten. I like having a fresh image of the travel when I write.

A video can be found here for those of you who are more visual.

So, here you have my one week trip to The Basque Country !

I went to Zarautz Surf Village on 7th of July 2018 ( actually parted on the 6th because the bus takes about 15h to get there, a long ride indeed, but the bus taking us there was almost empty, with just a few occupied seats, so it was perfect having 2 seats for myself to sleep during the night).

Arriving there on the 7th, on a rainy Saturday morning, we immediately hit the town after checking in. The camping is situated on the mountain, with a special bus taking campers up and down the mountain each day ( we didn’t know that so the first two days it was just walking to and from the city; that takes about 30-40 minutes depending on wether you’re taking the stairs or the main road). For people into walking/climbing this is perfect ! It’s a great way to stay in shape.


We took the bus when we found out of it though as we were mainly in the town or at the beach during the day. The beach is exquisite, the people are nice even though speaking English or Spanish is a bit harsh as their main language is Basque (and yes, I had a shock as I didn’t know they have a language of their own). The Basque Country is an automous region of Spain with their own culture and their own language.


I would advise being present for the first meet up in the evening of the day you arrive. It’s very important and I missed out on a lot of information because I was already so tired in trying to find a mobile shop to get me some network connexion. Of course, if you’re not a connected maniac like myself and you’re just there for the surf and nature, then the big walk in the village can be saved for another time.

The Zarautz Surf Village distinguishes itself by its location, a wonderful piece of heaven laying just in front of your eyes with the sea on your right side and the mountains on your left. It’s like 10% similar to Brazil, waves included. I might add, a surfer’s dream, being surrounded by nature, waves and a community that will receive you just perfect.

They mainly come from Belgium and Holland, but they speak English too so you can fit in easily, especially if you’re a surfer addict.

I would say that this village isn’t just for surfers. I myself am not one, but I was completely blown away by the scenery… the landscape is amazing.


We stood in a Tipi Deluxe that can host up to two people. Something different than the usual small tent we are used to, having more space and indulging in a more luxurious interior. The decoration is quite nice and it’s cozy and welcoming.

You also have the Tipi Dorm option that can be very great if you’re traveling with your squad. Honestly, I think it’s amazing if you are a group of 4 looking for a cool place to spend the week, try some surf or simply enjoy the scenery.


If you’re wondering about the bathrooms, know that these are very very clean ! I was pleasantly surprise to feel comfortable going there both for shower and toilets. It’s the first time for me and I must say I wasn’t expecting it to be so nice.

Breakfast and dinner are included. I loved them both ! Especially dinner, different courses being served each evening. Except for Wednesday ! Wednesday they have a different activity where you have to go to a restaurant ( this is not included).

Since we’re in the activity area, you have quite a choice of them, but you’ll have to book in advance. All the activities are presented during the welcome speech. Honestly, the one at San Sebastian was quite nice, but afterwards, we chose to go one day to Bilbao as well. It’s a nice city, but nothing compared to San Sebastian. I would advise going a bit before and taking some clothes to change for the bar visiting in the evening.


Another fun thing to do is go to the local disco on Monday ! It was very fun and the fact that there were basically the people from the camp, made it even more awesome.

The Zarautz Surf Village has also a spot on the beach where they do surfing lessons and competitions, so even if you’re a beginner in surfing, this could be a good place to start trying your skills.


The place is 18+ so that is super awesome for people who don’t want to mix with kids. Unfortunately, on our way back, because there weren’t many of us going to Belgium, the company had to put us with kids of 16 to 18 years old. The good part is that they were asleep so the journey wasn’t that bad, but I sure have missed my two seats from the first bus :).

All in all, I would recommend this place for: surfers, nature lovers, people who would like to experience camping on a higher level or people going on a budget who would like to see the Basque Country as the premisses has also normal tents and even a car-camping site.


Hope my little big article helped you discovered through my eyes this little region many don’t know about, Zarautz, and of course the Zarautz Surf Village.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!




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