Hi guys,

Since I have an hour until I go to bed and I watched all weekend my fave TV show about style so I feel really inspired for tomorrow’s shooting, I thought I should do a special post on one of my favorite trends: white boots. I mean, they’ve been around for awhile now, ofc, but I feel that they are gonna be big this year. It’s just a feeling, but I always name things before they go big, so it’s like buying stocks at the stock market ! It’s a good investment to get yourself a pair of genuine “yogurts” 🙂

Some of my favorite brands are already adding so many different styles:

1. Toga Pulla is proposing a cowboy/western style boots with fab buckle design.

2. Steven, the more affordable sub-brand of Steven Madden is going in with a thick heel and simplistic buckle detail for this white boot

3. Monse , also presenting a buckle detail, but on a more elegant note.

4. Sam Edelman, is sticking to a kitten hell, which normally I don’t really like, but guess what?I do like this one.

5. Dr. Martens has of course, the signature style, laced up boot in chlorite white for their fans.

6. Jeffrey Campbel, one of my personal faves, is going elegant with white patent design, simple, yet chic.

7. Dolce Vita is interpreting the white thick boot with metal studs on the heel and shaft.

8. Kendall + Kylie  ‘s white boot features a black heel to make a beautiful contrast and just to add a line to your outfit.

How do you like your white boot ?