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Xmas Wishlist - men edition

Hello everyone,

How are you this fine Monday ? Ok, the temperatures have severely dropped and I'm starting to wonder if my wish will come true; will we really have a white Christmas ? I would adore to have some snow this year ...

Speaking of Christmas, did you already buy your Christmas presents ? I'm actually on the verge of buying them. I already have some waiting to be wrapped up, but the rest is scheduled for the first week of December :) .

I have managed to do a little wish list so you can be inspired of what to buy for the men in your life. Actually, you can find a lot of perfume boxes that, in my opinion, are a great gift idea! Notino has so many choices in that department and not only :) ....

I managed to do a top 5 of the ones I think are the most popular and really nice !



Let's start with a perfume 'on a budget'.

I feel that this perfume is so fit for your brother, your best friend, etc , especially for people looking for a nice perfume that is very affordable. The box is really cute as well and it contains the Lacoste - Eau de Lacoste L 12.12 Blanc- perfume and a matching spray deodorant. It's a woody floral scent to have an idea and it's one of the first perfumes my young cousin bought for her boyfriend ( and he was very happy with it!).


From log budget to high budget, here I chose the Hermès Terre d'Hermès Eau Intense Vétiver perfume box containing the perfume itself and a shower gel for both body and hair.

I have always been a huge fan of the Terre D'Hermès perfumes... they smell heavenly to say the least. Being launched in 2018, Terre d'Hermès Eau Intense Vétiver captures your senses with its woody aromatic fragrance... it's a perfect gift for your dad or your better half . I feel it's a perfume for men, not boys :) .


If your man is more into 'bling' stuff, then the 1 Million from Paco Rabbane is definitely the perfume for him ! :)

I absolutely love the men version of the Million perfume, but the one for women... meh... it's not my type.

The box contains the perfume and its deodorant spray.

The scent is woody spicy and I can confirm that it lasts a long time.


Another woody spicy fragrance is the Gucci Guilty for men. My boyfriend insisted to add this perfume to my post because he is a big fan of it, so here you have it ! Coming straight from a men's opinion, this box is also a great gift idea. It contains the big perfume in 50ml, but also a smaller version of it, in 15ml, just so men can carry it around easier ;)


Our last, but not least pick is the Hugo Boss - BOSS The Scent - a perfume that transcends time, a perfume that stays on for days and a perfume that is actually always in my boyfriend's perfume collection. The group has managed to transform this classic perfume over the years and with each version of it, the whole 'manly' feeling stays. This one is aromatic spicy ... a thrill for your olfactory senses. ;)

So, this is my selection of gift ideas for me ( in the perfume section )

I hope you like it and that you will be inspired for your Xmas gift list !

Thank you for stopping by the blog xo


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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