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Makeup Must Haves for the Holiday Season

Hello everyone,

I just cannot fhatom the fact that the year is almost over. We will be celebrating Christmas in 8 days and then New Years in 2 weeks !

Since I absolutely love the Holiday season and moreover, love to shine during this period, I had put together a little list of #makeup products so you too can shine for your special events.

I found a lot of options at Notino, and I must say, it was difficult to choose amongst so many amazing products.


I always start with a good strong lipstick. Since red is the colour of the season, I think that you will find some fantastic red shades at MAC Cosmetics.


The Retro Matte Lipstick is so beautiful. I love both glossy and matte liptstics, so I think that this one has a little bit from both sides to be honest.

The lipstick in question gives lips an ultra-matte effect, while presenting a rich and intense shade, with an impeccable hold for up to 8 hours. It does not run or leave marks and it's not as dry as one might expect from a matte lipstick.

To be honest, it's an iconic product of the MAC brand and one of their best sellers. Ruby Woo is my favourite shade from this range. :)

If you're a full glitter addict like myself, then you have to have these two products that are must-haves when it comes to some glittery eyes.

The NYX Professional Glitter Goals, glitter base is simply the perfect product to keep in place any loose glitter. Of course, I chose the Face & Body Glitter Brillants to share with you cause you can use them for the face as well as for the body. It's the perfect combo !


If you preffer a make-up palette, but still a very shiny one, then the Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Star Wedding, is the perfect choice.

It combines some very trendy colours, but always very shiny.

The center colour, the fuchsia one that you see here, is the most fuchsia pigment eyeshadow I have ever tried.

I would say to use with moderation, but of course, it depends from person to person. Who am I to judge ?


And if you're looking for a multi-use face palette, then you will love the Dermacol Compact Contour Palette which helps you achieve a fresh, radiant look. A few brush strokes are enough to create a delicate iridescent effect on the face, a tanned glow and slightly rosy cheeks. In addition to giving off a pleasant scent, this palette has a mirror and a case decorated with moving hearts, a real gem to slip into a makeup bag.

A good investment that will not break the banck either ;).

Thank you for tunning in for yet another article, I hope you will have some amazing moments during these Holidays if it's either spending them with your partner, your family or friends.


Disclaimer: article sponsored by Notino


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