Will I be positive?

Hi everyone,

This evening's post will be a bit more special... no fancy stuff, just real life worries. A couple of days ago I fell ill, but as I didn't had any fever or anything else worrying, I thought it might be a common flu.

Yesterday however, I lost my taste and smell... so I decided to call my doctor and get an appointment right away to get tested.

The soonest they had an opening is tomorrow in the afternoon, so that's where I'm heading, a tad scared I have to admit, but very confident that I'm going to beat this nasty virus.

Meanwhile, I'll be still doing my best to deliver lovely content as I did a lot lately, but didn't had the chance to share anything here :) . If I'll be in quarantine for the next couple of weeks, at least I will be shooting stuff at home and also build the attic room... I mean I'm not going to get bored ahaha

Speak soon and wish me luck for tomorrow xo


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