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Where are you ?

Where are you, Spring ?

It seems that this rainy situation is been going on forever and even though today we may have a ray of sunlight, I'm perfectly aware that the days to come are gonna be super rainy... I feel the climat change; this winter we didn't even have snow here in Brussels.. Global warming is no joke !

That's why I particularly love brands that are committed to nature and moral values. Take for instance C&A and their sustainability approach when creating clothes. I also love the fact that they are becoming more fashionable by the year and this, my friends, is a memo for all the fashion brands out there that they should do the shift now and be more considerate towards nature because we only have one Earth and it's up to us to take care of it, at least from this angle.

I'm even more proud to bring you today's outfit, created with garments from C&A ( except for the shoes and hat ), a look with masculine influences... but also for me, it has a certain vintage jazzy vibe to it :) - I hope you'll like it !

What I wore:

C&A dress

C&A blazer

C&A bag

Jeffrey Campbell shoes 

The hat from a local store.

So, this was today's outfit post, I know it had received a lot of appreciation on Instagram :) - I hope you'll like it as well..

Thank you for checking out the blog and don't forget to follow it if you'd like the latest news xo



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