When you're too attached to your pet

This is Shoni. You probably saw him on social media as I have spammed you non stop over the last 6 years. He came into my life about 6 years ago.


I had several pets over the years and you may remember me talking about each and every one. I call him a "he" as we originally thought it's a male bunny, over the years, we found out he was actually a 'she', but we stuck with the male calling.

The truth is, no pet has stayed for this long in my life and it kills me to see him in pain.

I think his tumour started growing about less than a year ago. I didn't know at the time and even though I took him to the vet because his mamelon was infected. The vet told me it's nothing to worry about and that he would have to pay attention to its weight, calling him


Other than that, he was his normal amazing self. I never had ( or saw) a bunny like this.

He'd always make me laugh and I would spend time with him running in the house.


He is quite the character. Always full of life, happy, and came back from 2 operations ( teeth removal). He lived a beautiful life, I'd always give him attention, care and love and I guess that that's why it absolutely kills me to see him slowly go away...

Yesterday he was diagnosed with a tumour.. turns out that inflamed mamelon was a sign that there was a tumour growing inside and that he is not obese.

The darn thing is sooo big and the problem is surgery now, at his age, would be problematic. Apparently, there is a 50/50 chance that he won't make it. So imagine paying over 350€ and having a call telling you that your bunny didn't make it... that for me would be too much to handle. And even though the surgery would succeed, the vet gave him about another year of life.

For me, I would prefer holding him more in my arms and if it's his destiny to live with the tumour like he did until now and maybe try stopping it with some natural remedies, then I'd prefer doing this.

Ever since yesterday I can't stop crying and I really don't know when I'll be able to stop...

I don't know how we grow so fond of our pets and when the time comes, saying goodbye hurts so so bad.

So this article is for you Shon, may you find the strength to live on at least a couple of months more xo. I will be here every step of the way !

Love u forever xo