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When you have time…

Hello sweeties,

This last Sunday and I had a little time on my hands around noon, I thought I should take advantage of a lovely hot chocolate break with my beloved. I really love Sundays and when you have someone special to share these days with, it’s even more great !

 It all goes down to having time and that’s why a magnificent timepiece is always welcomed to any woman who respects herself. Today I’m wearing alongside my fab outfit, a really beautiful watch ! This treasure comes from Christian Paul, Australia and it’s def one of my fave watches yet ! 

What I wore:

– Karen Millen sandals

– 3Suisses bag

Can you imagine that I customized my watch all by myself? You can put whatever strap and buckle that you want. I went for a marble head cause I think it’s super trendy now. The way you assemble it is quite easy as well. Add a note of originality to your outfit choosing the right mix for your watch.

For this look, I went with my elegant metal strap and it def looked super good ! 

Really hope you like the look, guys!



Blogpost made in collaboration with Christian Paul


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