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What's new at Cameleon

Hi everyone,

How are you this beautiful Tuesday ?

The weather is rather promising for the days to come. We still have a little hiccup until Saturday, but afterwards it's gonna be great for taking pictures... we will have some taste of Spring I presume :).

Other than that, I'm taking my vitamins in the battle against covid side effects and I'm taking care of myself ( or trying my best to ).

Meanwhile, I had the pleasure of discovering the new collection at Cameleon outlet. I'm extremely happy I got the chance to actually because we were super worried that they will close last year due to the financial problems during the pandemic, but now that they are open again and stronger then ever, now it's the time to really enjoy this great outlet in Brussels.

So here you have the outfits that I created, I hope you will like them ! :)



I wanted to do a special Valentine's Day look, so I chose this beautiful ruffle dress from Essentiel Antwerp which is splendide and has so much charm. They have a lovely selection of pieces from Essentiel Antwerp, all being up to 60% off their original store price.



For my second outfit, I thought I'd take a break from heels and just enjoy a good old pair of sneakers. The whole outfit comes again from Essential Antwerp (except for the bag) and you can still find the pieces at Cameleon ( if you hurry :D ) . I feel it's still a feminine look and one that is great for Spring ! The sweater is super cozy and soft... and I love how the off shoulder style reveals the cute bow of the dress.




Outfit number 3 is a more 'serious' look, one for the office maybe ? Soyaconcept is a Danish brand, one that you can also find at Cameleon. Their clothes are of a great quality and the lines are quite classic, as Danish brands are. I wanted to add a personal touch by choosing a pair of boots that are of a reptile pattern, so again, Essential Antwerp is present within my choices. I feel that the bag went so well with this outfit, don't you ?



And last but not least, I chose a beige look signed VILA - to get the outfit some more structure, I played with adding a cool accessory: a bag with a printed scarf. I was also planning to add a belt in the whole mix, but I thought that it would be better without it, as the blazer would cover the dress. The beautiful bag comes from Piumelli and it's such an amazing bag; it can give any outfit a fashionable vibe !

The boots are... well, you guessed it - Essentiel Antwerp ! 😁


I really hope you like my selection and I hope you had an amazing weekend ! I'm planning a week full of content creation, so wish me luck and don't forget to stop by your fave outlet - Cameleon xo



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