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What must I do?

Good morning, guys!

First of all I would like to express my upmost sympathy and regrets for the people who lost their lives yesterday in the Barcelona attack. The thing that bugs me the most is that the Catalan authorities had intel of a presumed attack from both the CIA and warnings of the IS; still they didn’t take extra measures and they left people out in the open like sheep for a starving wolf. Barcelona is an amazing city and I love it dearly; I’ve already been two times there and it’s always packed with tourists. To be quite honest, I never felt the hospitality of Catalan people as they’re 80% quite hostile and cold, rather mean to tourists on occasions. It’s the experience I had. But even so, I feel bad the ones in charge avoid any warning whatsoever and left everything into the hands of faith. They always do that… at the end of the day the people who are subjected to these attacks are us, not the ones in charge, their families or their friends; just us, the normal folk who take the subway, walk the streets, not in fancy choppers or bulletproof cars… it’s a sad world we are living in…

Ok, enough of pointing fingers and staying sad. Life goes on, and so should we; That’s why I’m bringing you a brand new outfit post, more romantic and dreamy…

What I wore:

– Six clutch

 Wishing you a great morning and hoping that tomorrow is a better day, right?




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