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Vanuatu part III

Good evening peeps,

I would have wished to come back with my third and final part about my trip in Vanuatu sooner, but I was crazy busy these last few days..

I left off my storytelling on September 29th, when in the morning we went to Hideaway Island for the Underwater Letterbox 😀 . At around noon we arrived at another local attraction, the Vanuatu Jungle Zipline. If you’re adventurous (unlike me lol), this will be the thrill of your life ! I mean the scenery is sooo amazing and I enjoyed myself without actually doing the zipline; I saw the ones that did it, it was even more amazing as you can imagine 🙂 .


Ok, so it seems like we weren’t done with island hoping that day as our next stop was Moso Island aka Tranquillity Island, where we had the chance to have a glimpse at the turtle sanctuary and I even help release one in the sea. The Hawksbill Turtle is an endangered species and this place helps with the breeding… it’s such a sweet thing to do considering the whole thing isn’t even backed up financially by the government… you can also help to the cause by donating or visiting them at the island.


The people were super nice btw and it was so lovely visiting this island and now I have my own little turtle in the sea 🙂 !

We have then returned to the main island of Efate where an amazing dinner was awaiting us in the most beautiful setting at Francesca’s Beach Club.

My fave dish: Coconut Prawns ! Soooo delicious xo

The next day was spent entirely at the hotel as we had a shooting there. You can check out the whole article on Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu for more info 🙂 .

Jef, Tim and Angelo parted for Tanna first thing on Thursday morning and Dorien and Peter started their trip towards home that afternoon as well, but not before taking the Mini Mokes for one last spin. We discovered a nice place at the seaside where we took some pics. It was such a lovely ride and even more, the whole trip was amazing and I’m so happy to have had this experience, visit Vanuatu and its treasures, spent time in the company of wonderful people and really have a great time !


I also hope you enjoyed my saga-articles on this beautiful country and I hope to be back with more awesome trips soon xo



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