Vanuatu part II

Good morning everyone,

And how are you this Friday ?

Ever since I got back from the press trip, I’ve been trying to catch up on my work and I must say that being away so long really makes a difference 🙂 .

As you can imagine, I’m back with the follow up article on my trip to Vanuatu and I believe we left off somewhere on September 27th. That evening we actually went (probably dragged ourselves more as we were so tired) to have a little party with the locals. We even had a sip of their national drink, the Kava. Their ancestors (and actually some tribes today) used to follow up their tribe meetings with drinking Kava, a symbol that they are at peace. Nowadays, Kava is drank when people finish work and go to these get together meetings, where they dance, eat some local dishes and just relax after a day at work. Think of it as an afterwork 🙂

The next morning, Angelo and I had some surf lessons given by some very experienced locals. As I was in the water, I wasn’t able to take some pictures, but I’m sure that all of that will be available once the documentary will be done. This took place at one of the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu ‘s beautiful beaches. The resort is actually perfect to stay at even if you don’t plan on visiting anything.

Following our day, some of us (including me) went to a sanctuary where I was counting on seeing a flying fox or a giant coconut crab. The place is very beautiful, but I feel that, condition wise, they could have done better for the animals.. there aren’t many left nevertheless; the last cyclone swept away a lot of them. For me, Secret Garden remains a nice place to go and get a drink or eat something.

Afterwards, we watched the sunset at a windy beach where people go surfing and we went to eat at a nice French restaurant downtown in Port Vila.

At this time I was starting to be more comfortable with the schedule and I went to bed at 9/10pm 🙂 . The days are rather short in Vanuatu and each day we were up at 5am to make the most of our trip and visit as much as we could.

September 29th was no exception. We woke up early in the morning and in the first part of our day, we went to Hideaway Island, a little corner of paradise surrounded by the Coral Sea that is home to the Underwater Letterbox. Divers and good snorkelers can go and check out this awesome attraction and even post some letters back home. So we left our cars from World Car Rentals Vanuatu next to the pier and took a boat to the other side 😉 .

As I don’t know how to swim, I enjoyed some beach time on the island where you can even play volleyball to pass the time.

I’m going to build up the suspense here and tell you the rest of the story in a future post 😉 I think we had enough adventure for today and plus, being such a long trip, I couldn’t fit everything in just 2 posts !

So until next time, I wish you all a beautiful Friday !



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