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Vanuatu – part I

Hi everyone,

How are ya ?

I know I have been MIA for a long time now, but as you know, I have been on a very long press trip on the other side of the Earth, meaning in Vanuatu, a country just next to Australia, a country that not many know of, a set of islands in the South Pacific Ocean that has a wild beauty with dreamy beaches and remote islands where tribe people still follow the way of ancient customs.

On the island of Efate, one of the country’s 80 islands, lays Port Vila, also the capital of Vanuatu. After a rough 36h of trip in total from Brussels, two layovers and a lot of movies seen on the Emirates ICE on board entertainment, I have landed here on September 25th along side a group of people that I never have met before, later on to become quite acquainted with and call my team!

Minimalist White Nature Outdoor Photo Collage-2

We were here to shoot a documentary of this country and I was super thrilled to be a part of this experience. Now I’m telling you the story from my point of view, so keep on reading if you want to learn more about my activities in Vanuatu, what I saw, how to get there, what to pack etc.

I would recommend taking malaria pills and having mosquito repellent packed, have a cardigan or something cozy packed as well if you are planning to visit Vanuatu during their winter time. The water is still nice to dive in/swim, so a swimming suit is necessary.

Visa wise, this can be obtained quite easily, but of course, check your own conditions to have a better idea. The people of Vanuatu are really friendly and welcoming though.

On money level, the prices are like in Europe, so expect to be charged as such.


The hotel we stood at, Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu was splendid and I really recommend it, but I’ll do a separate article on it very soon.

To get around the island, I advise renting a car. World Car Rentals Vanuatu has great rates, great services and also these super cute mokes that can make your holiday even better. Don’t know what a Moke is? Well, I’m gonna do a special article on this as well.


Day one consisted of a more serious visit, as we assisted on a guided tour of Engie (former GDF Suez) and its implication on green energy for the island. This meaning a lot of windmills and solar panels ! Good job there 🙂

Afterwards, we went over to the UNICEF settlement and learnt more about drone vaccinations. As some islands have very rough paths like high mountains or lakes that would be very difficult to cross, UNICEF’s continued efforts on helping people getting treated against diseases launched its very first drone vaccination in 2018, when they managed to deliver shots to children and pregnant women in a remote part of the island.


On the 27th we went to Mele Cascades, the popular waterfalls from Port-Vila. You have a parking spot just in front and after a blissful walk in nature, you will start seeing the beautiful waterfalls. Obviously we did a couple of pictures there because the scenery is just WOW !


Continuing our day, we carried on towards another corner of Paradise, the Blue Lagoon. But on our way there, we stoped a bit to check out the coconut plantation. It was so beautiful and majestic as horses and other animals were running free amongst the coconut trees…


At last we have arrived at the Blue Lagoon, a perfect spot for a afternoon dive, when the high tide kicks in ! You also have a swing-rope to use if you are the adventurous type. Not a swimmer? No problem. You have a little place where you can just feel the water without any dangers in sight 🙂 . The scenery is so amazing there… definitely perfect for a fun afternoon.


Well, I feel I have said enough for a first part of my travels to Vanuatu. Otherwise, it’s going to be a very long article, so I would like to save some of my adventures for another coming article 🙂 ( find the second part here )

I hope you have enjoyed this one !



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