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Vacay ready !

Hi guys,

I just got home from yet another awesome event and I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that Monday is almost here and tomorrow I’ll have to do my suitcases for my next vacation. Can you guess where I’m going ?

– I’ll give you a hint – it’s somewhere far and sunny !

I love travelling so much and I must say that I didn’t had time to prepare lots of travels this year even though I wanted to. But sometimes I get so caught up with my work that I forget to actually live.

Obviously I’m taking my super cute travelling kit from Notino. They are giving away a travelling kit with any order of 40€ or above, so be sure to have a look at their website cause it’s also the SALES period and I bet you’ll find some super cool stuff for your vacation and not only.

The kit itself is presented like this:


( without the sunglasses hahaha )

  1. A little closeup of the cute bottles that you can use to store your liquids. There is no need to take your big jars of face cream or body lotion, you can just use one of these cuties.

  1. And of course, the travel kit also comes with these travel must-haves – an eye-patch mask SciBeauty from KORIKA, make-up remover wipes (super handy) and perfume recharger so you don’t need to take the whole bottle with you !


This is such a handy thing to have I think and I just know that my organizing side will totally appreciate it tomorrow when doing the bags. If you are wondering why am I doing them tomorrow, well, this weekend I’ll be at TomorrowLand and I won’t have much time on my hands I believe. 🙂

I hope you’ll have a wonderful day and a beautiful summer and if you’re parting on vacay, well, I hope I did help a bit with my article if you ever decide to grab this travel kit before it’s gone ^_^

Notino has so many wonderful brands and a wide range of products !



Disclaimer: sponsored by Notino


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