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Travel Namibia 4×4 Car Rentals

Hi everyone,

How is your Saturday going ? I’m still at home today because I wanted to edit the content that I still have to share with you all ! YEY – I’m so excited because I did so many beautiful pictures and videos … the nature is so amazing in Namibia and the wildlife is just something you must see ! Because the country doesn’t have the best roads, mostly of them being gravel roads actually, you will definitely need a 4×4 car to be sure you won’t have any problem whatsoever.


We had our ride from Travel Namibia 4×4 Car Rentals, which is a family own business in Windhoek. If you want to support small local businesses, then I suggest you rent your car from them. Also, the quality of their services is, without any doubt, better than a bigger company. You benefit of a closer, more attentive care during the rental, tips about what to visit, what to do in Namibia… and a permanent connexion with the owners in case you need assistance.


Travel Namibia 4×4 Car Rentals has two type of vehicles to choose from. We went for the Toyota Hilux Double Cab Diesel ( 4×4). Some of the equipment is already included in your car rate; you can find all the information here .


I mean for me, sleeping in a tent on the car was the highlight of my journey. I did sleep in a tent before, but it was a very big one with a real bed & mattress so that doesn’t really count ! 🙂 Now I can say I had my very first real camping experience and it was fantastic !


Namibia is one of those countries where you can definitely spend all your vacation sleeping in a tent. You actually don’t need anything else because most of the campsites are so lovely ( and very safe) that make you want to sleep outdoors. Waking up in the morning alongside the animals and nature was so amazing and I definitely recommend that, especially if you’re looking to save up on a trip ! A campsite would be around 3-500 Namibian Dollars which is around 20/35€ depending on the camping site. That’s less than half of what you’d normally pay for a guesthouse !

Next day you can just fold everything up and get going 🙂

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We drove around 5000km going from the capital to the Fish River Canyon, to the coastline in Luderitz, Ghost Town, then into the Namib Desert, to Etosha… it was such an amazing journey and it was so worth it ! I wish I would have had enough time to visit the North of the country more, but that’s a pretty good reason to come back.

created by dji camera
created by dji camera
created by dji camera

We didn’t had any problem with the car ( 9/10 you may get a flat tire when driving on gravel roads), but the car really pulled through even on difficult roads and we didn’t had to worry about nothing. Other than the tent, gas bottle, dishes, table & chairs, etc, the car has also two spare tires so even if something would happen, you are assured.

created by dji camera

I was happy to have our “mobile home” with us and now I have so many memories with it, that I actually miss that car… super comfy and very practical ! A big car with a big heart for taking care of us for almost 2 weeks 🙂


Thank you so much for checking the blog and stay tuned for even more exciting shares ! 🙂




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