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Hi guys,

How are you this Tuesday ?

I’ve been having some very long weeks lately and a few days ago I have fallen ill due to the lack of sleep and constant tension of delivering everything on time always. People don’t understand many aspects of a blogger’s life and how could they when they see most bloggers not giving a crap and focused on making money from social networks?

Doing what you absolutely love can have some downfalls sometimes… I don’t have a proper schedule.. I eat when I can during the day ( sometimes is in the late afternoon and I take lunch and dinner all at once),  I sleep when I can… I don’t have an exact schedule and that’s a really bad thing because the body can take so much. Of course, I can just lay back, accept every deal that I get and just use my phone for a quick photo at home and that’s it rather than going out and facing the cold or/and rainy weather that Brussels so lovely “provides”. But I don’t like doing things half way. I’m a freelancer. I pay taxes as well. Some agencies/companies don’t get that so they always try to give me nothing in exchange for content. I’m sorry, but like each work, it has to be paid. Oh, and another thing I absolutely hate: going MIA after a campaign. So let me explain: you have a good exchange during the campaign with the PR and then when it comes for payment, he disappears or answers after a week… that’s just not professional. So I also started to treat those people as they treat me. Why should I be punctual and nice when you are a crappy person ? I believe in treating people exactly the way they treat you .

I love what I do and I’ll keep doing it ! And in my 8 years of blogging, I have managed to gather a few amazing people in my close working circle and I absolutely adore working with them and it’s so nice to see human value down under and not just a fake smile and “no-f%cks-given” beneath. Like in life, there are good and bad bloggers, there are also good and bad PRs and that’s a thing to understand and you’ll just have to work around the concept.

It was just my little synapse of the day to clear some air . 🙂

Now you can enjoy my next article of today’s outfit !



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