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Hey sweeties,

I’m up quite early today seeing a busy day awaits me. Plus, the weather seems to be back on track so that’s always a nice thing to wake up to. I’m actually heading off to Dusseldorf with C&A and boy, am I excited ! I’m looking forward on checking out the new AW collection and share with you some favorites as well.

My Instagram story cause quite the commotion the other day… See, I’m not the type to be fake and smile and soften the reality just so it looks nice. If something bothers me, I speak out. If something is great, I tell it as it is. Some people don’t tolerate that… they just want to throw S// at you and expect you to be quiet. Well, I don’t keep quiet even if I lose by doing so, but I’ll always know that the ones who follow me are genuine people and that right there is where my appreciation goes. I prefer to have 10 real people following me than 1000 fake ones.

But that is that… let’s move on to more fashionable things! 🙂

I have a cool look for you today, one that I hope you’ll like and one to be advised more for tall people. I’m just at the limit of tall and I had the feeling that it kinda shortens me, but it’s still do-able. 😉


What I wore:

Wishing you a fabulous day, peeps! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for live updates about my trip ! And ofc, ‘see’ you tomorrow with a brand new outfit post 🙂



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