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The TUI drama

As you can imagine, today's article may be perceived as a rant on TUI. Frankly, I don't really care as I've booked my flights for Egypt with them ( for the 28 March until the 5th of April). I choose them because tbh, I was a very loyal client of TUI... I booked a lot of vacations with them throughout the years and even though there were minor problems, I always kept in mind that error is human and I didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

But the situation now goes beyond limits... like I'm at the end of my patience. All the other airlines are offering reimbursement of their flights, TUI doesn't because otherwise ' it will go into bankruptcy ' . Ok. "Don't call or contact the center unless emergency. If your flight will be cancelled, you will be contacted by our team so you can see how you will receive your voucher". Ok ...

And today I got this stupid email that my return flight has been cancelled and that they cannot offer an alternative ... hum.. Did I just left to Egypt without knowing ?

I'm sorry, but where is my voucher for the TOTAL amount of what I paid for? At least that.. I had another flight with Ryanair. THEY contacted me and asked if I liked a refund ! Now there's a good way to handle it ! Other companies did the same... except of course for TUI !

I had so many people reaching out to me and asking to do an article on this matter.

A lot of people are still stranded overseas .. and meanwhile, their online chat has been disrupted .. so you'll have to either pay 0,30 cents per minute or wait for an email response.

If you had also a problem with them, don't hesitate to leave your story here below.

Stay safe, peeps ! xo




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