The Philippines

Hi guys,

If I were to share the whole adventure from Philippines, I would take over the whole website. And it’s pretty difficult to do it in resumé, so maybe I’ll edit some video footage that I have and do a lovely YouTube post so you can better see how amazing this country is.

So, what to do ? Where to stay?

I arrived firstly in Cebu, a place I didn’t like to stay too much in. It’s very touristy and quite pushy if you ask me. People trying to make some money from tourists are everywhere, so I just “used” Cebu as the city to arrive in, get my visa and get going to more beautiful sights. My mistake was choosing to take the ferry from Cebu to Dumaguete. It’s more expensive than the bus ride and it felt like it took forever; plus the AC in the cabin is to die.. it was freezing ! Outside you would have like 26C and inside 6C – best way to catch a cold lol. The transport in Philippines vary from up to date vehicles to very old ones where you feel like a refugee.

Arriving at Dumaguete, we stood at Coco Grande Hotel . Dumaguete was just also another “pit stop” before taking a ferry to Silquijor. However, I did took advantage of my stay there and visit Apo Island that is definitely a must see if you’re in the area, quite famous for its turtles. Just don’t forget the sunscreen ! The sun may fool you and you would think that it’s ok not to put any on… I didn’t put any on because of the turtles. So I woke up next day looking like an Avatar… my forehead was sooo swollen and I was so scared not to have something else. It was really a close call !