The New Year

Hi guys,

I think you are all super busy with New Year’s Eve preparations… I won’t do anything special this evening, moreover that I’m sick and not feeling well ( thank you, Belgian weather 😷).

But even so, I wanted to wish you all a great 2018 full of accomplishments and may all your wished come true ! 

Hope you enjoy the video below as well and you can find the details of what I’m wearing down below 🙂

What I wore:

– Herve Leger bandage dress

– Steve Madden ankle strap sandals

– Nona Jewels earrings and necklace 

– Make-up mainly from Estelle& Thild – organic skin care and make-up ! 

I managed to do a little “Get Ready with me ” video that I did very very difficult ! I hate Apple now and what it has become. A pity that whoever is in charge is more concern about making money than giving to the people a product worth what we pay for ! I’ve been an Apple fan for over 6 years now and all my devices are from them… but I think in 2018 that will change. They are making them go bad intentionally. Sorry it has to be included in my New Year’s post, but it will be a change and Apple will fall if they will continue like this. Steve Jobs must be turning over in his grave now… it’s a shame ! SHAME on you, Apple people for being like this. My apps are crashing, my ID isn’t working… it’s like a fucking nightmare now.