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The joke- last episode

Good morning lovelies,

A new week is upon us and I wanted to share the last look from my saga, this one being 100% bikini wear.As you all know, I’ve been to Oostende last week and I had a really bad joke, the weather being 10 degrees less than Brussels… I even had some ear problems afterwards, on Saturday, due to the harsh wind and cold from over there. People may not realize, but in order to score a perfect photo or just to feature some pieces, we endure the cold, wind, rain… etc… it’s crazy, but that’s how it is.

Moving forward, as you can see no one was on the beach, except me and my pineapple :)) . I had a more complex decor in mind, but it was impossible to do more …anyway, I really hope you like the pics and not to mention this super cute swimsuit from Beachlife.


What I wore:

  1. Beachlife swimsuit

  2. Novashe sunglasses

I hope the weather is closer to summer in your country 🙂 .

Be sure to be back tomorrow with a brand new OOTD !!



#beachoutfit #beachswimsuit2018summer #beachlifereview

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