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The Hague Teleport Hotel

Good morning ( or evening or afternoon) :),

Hope this little article finds you well and that your summer has been and still is wonderful and blessed. It’s quite funny when I think about it sometimes… I stay still for awhile and then, when I start traveling, it seems that I never stop. After Japan and just a few hours of sleep at home, in Brussels, my summer travels continued in Hague, Netherlands. It’s true that I needed a new place to shoot the new MB AMG 63s car, so I thought I would turn this project into a short city trip as Hague is quite close to Brussels and I have never been there.

I stood at The Hague Teleport Hotel; a very lovely 3 star hotel situated at just 20 minutes from Central Station (tram); you also have a local tram that stops there, at 8 minutes walk. The building itself is impressive and I cannot describe how lovely my view was from the 9th floor.


I even did a time lapse video with the sunrise ( yes, I still wake up at 6am as a crazy person, but it’s way more healthy this way). If you’re curious about the room, well, know that it’s cozy, full of cool art; modern pieces, but with the right combination of crazy and sweet.

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As Hague is situated in a region that is basically more « protected » by the sun, the rooms don’t have an air-condition system. Sadly, as we are facing global warming and the weather everywhere is going loony, do the fan in the room is everything you have against the heatwave that is hitting Europe. I was « lucky » enough to witness a 35C on my second day there and it was a bit harsh. And the day after that, the temperature dropped 10C less with rain and wind so imagine that… At least the sunny days can be nice for talking your breakfast on the terrace and guess what? They even have a mini pool so you can refresh your feet during the hot summer afternoon. 🙂


In the room you have a little cool kitchenette that is quite handy if you’re planning a longer stay in Hague. If you visited the Netherlands before, you may now that parking is crazy expensive and it really does save you a lot of money by cooking a quick dish in your room, kitchen hardware being available as well. Oh, and the parking is free !! That was so awesome… you don’t appreciate these sort of things until they are stripped away from you lol. Paying like 3,50€ per hour in the city isn’t quite handy I believe so matter how rich you are.


Speaking of handy, the hotel offers free bike tours every day ! I really do appreciate their way to make people feel welcomed and gestures like these are so important. Plus, they run cool contests like « spring the wheel » . A lady won a 3 course dinner just in front of my eyes – that’s so neat ! It was heart touching when her husband kissed her out of joy. Those kind of little details can make your trip enjoyable and you leave there having a nice souvenir you know…


Meanwhile, I fell in love with the lobby ! The decoration is insanely beautiful and I adored every single piece of the furniture and plants and… basically everything ! It was definitely Instagrammable 🙂 .


Breakfast starts at 7 am. It’s the kind of breakfast that I see people with a more healthy lifestyle eating. You even have fresh fruit juice done on the spot and fresh plants like basilica or mint. Coffee is also available and of course, my favorite, hot chocolate :D. You also can have the cold version available in the fridge.


For later on, you can also have pizza or other Italian dishes to eat until 9pm. Afterwards, the kitchen closes.

All in all, it’s a great hotel if you’re traveling on a budget and still are looking for a neat place to stay. It’s good for both business and leisure and with a 24/7 opened reception, you’ll have someone there all the time in case you need assistance with anything.

Hope you liked my little article and I’m sure to be back soon with more !




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